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" Historically, potassium chloride has been
NuTek's Beyond Himalayan pink mineral
salt comes from ancient seabeds deep
within the Himalayas. It comprises 84
naturally occurring minerals and
provides sodium reduction up to 30%.
associated with having a metallic taste, " Mr.
Knudson said. " NuTek's innovative washing and
drying process removes that metallic taste. Now
food manufacturers don't need expensive herbs
or seasonings to mask the metallic flavor often
associated with potassium salt. "
A label ruling from the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration late last year came out in favor
of swapping potassium salt for sodium salt. The
FDA, in the Dec. 18, 2020 issue of the Federal
Register, said potassium salt could be used as
an alternate name for potassium chloride in
food labeling.
" NuTek supports the FDA's decision to allow
the name potassium salt to be used in place of
potassium chloride for consumers to better understand
that it is a natural salt ingredient, not
a chemical, " Mr. Knudson said. " In 2016, NuTek
proposed the common and usual name of potassium
salt through a citizens' petition to the FDA,
and it was supported by advocacy groups, trade
associations, academic institutions, and major
food companies. The FDA recognized the health
benefits that potassium could provide, and consumer
studies showed that there was confusion
about the word 'chloride' but not 'salt.' "
Consumers prefer potassium salt and Himalayan salt
Recent surveys show 90% of consumers see
sodium overconsumption as a problem. Interestingly,
only a third of consumers know that
potassium salt could be used as a replacement
for sodium salt. Not surprisingly, once they were
given the data about a clean swap of salts, over
80% of consumers PREFER potassium salt over
sodium salt in their food. The most requested
foods for reformulation with potassium salt are
hamburgers, plant-based proteins, snack foods,
instant noodles, other meat products and soups.
Additionally, 75% of consumers believe
Himalayan salt is healthier than common salt,
and over 80% of these consumers would pay
more for food products with Himalayan versus
common salt.
of consumers state that
sodium overconsumption
is a problem.
of consumers know
that potassium salt
can replace sodium
of consumers prefer
potassium salt over
sodium salt in their food

NuTek - July 1, 2021

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