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Competitive gamers strive for next
level energy, mental focus, fast reaction
time and improved accuracy, yet
product formulators are challenged to
find ingredients that provide non-stim
. nooLVL answers the call of duty
without the use of caffeine. Nutrition21's nooLVL is a
non-stimulant nootropic that boosts cognitive performance
in gamers.
The Bonded Arginine Silicate in nooLVL is a
highly bioavailable, long-lasting form of arginine
that increases nitric oxide production and blood
flow, allowing for enhanced delivery of oxygen and
nutrients to sensitive tissues, such as the brain.
The inositol in nooLVL is a potent, cognitionenhancing
nutrient that is vital for the functioning
of neurotransmitters involved in learning and
memory. The combination of these ingredients
provides the unique and desirable benefits seen
with nooLVL.
What makes nooLVL an unparalleled standout
among performance ingredients? This Bonded
Arginine Silicate complex with an optimized dose
of Inositol was the first nootropic designed for and
studied in a population of experienced gamers
to target benefits that are most important to the
booming esports industry. A gold standard - double
blind, placebo controlled - clinical study found one
dose of nooLVL worked fast (in 15 minutes) and
lasted more than an hour, delivering:
* increased energy4
safely, without increasing
heart rate or blood pressure;
* improved accuracy (66% fewer errors);
* improved mental acuity and focus (33%
improvement); and
* improved cognitive flexibility (by 41%) in a post
hoc analysis5
Nutrition21's second nooLVL study - a double
blind randomized, placebo controlled, crossover trial
- was conducted in 26 male and female experienced
gamers who were randomly assigned to consume
1600mg of nooLVL or 1600mg of placebo. This study
data supports prior research on nooLVL that shows it
provides cognitive benefits for gamers, who rely on
quick reaction, focus, memory, and fine motor skills
to excel during competition, skills that are especially
important when they are facing off against each other
in high stakes tournaments and events. The latest
research allows for a new cognitive performance
claim around short-term and working memory, as
well as reinforces the reaction time claims for nooLVL.
In addition to the consumer benefits, nooLVL is
also brand friendly as it can be seamlessly formulated
into a number of functional foods/beverages or
dietary supplements. nooLVL is an excellent addition
to ready-to-drink beverages applications, powders,
functional candy/snacks, bars and more.
For more information on nooLVL visit:
Number of patents and pending
applications worldwide.
Number of supporting research
3 Perceived energy measured by the Validated Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire
4 Results compared to baseline
5 In a post-hoc analysis
Number of substantiated benefits
for gamers.

Nutrition 21 - Enhancing Sports - June 2022

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