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A Better Balance
Finding the right balance of fats and oils
in new and challenging applications
ome say that consumers want it all. But
really, they just want it better.
" Better " , of course, is a broad term.
Better often means healthier or nutritious, as
in better-for-you offerings. It also encompasses
(62%) of consumers say that
healthfulness is an important
motivator for their food
42% of consumers said they
" always " or " nearly " consider
environmental impact when
buying food in 2023, up 18%
from the previous year.2
Taste is still the #1 purchase
driver for foods, with 87% of
consumers surveyed citing
that factor.3
experience, including the eating experience.
Increasingly, the term can be applied
to sustainability. And from a production
standpoint, the notion of doing something
better often means doing it more efficiently.
As consumers want - and
often expect -more from
the foods they eat, they seek
out products that meet
their lifestyles. The strong
demand for plant-based
foods is one example, as is
the popularity of culinaryinspired
and uniquely flavored
offerings. Another example
is the hunger for foods
that taste great and make
people feel good without
hampering their intent to live
as healthfully as possible.
1 Source: 2023 IFIC Food & Health Survey
2 Source: Kearney's 2023 Earth Day Survey
3 Source; IFIC Food & Health Survey
4 Source: Circana, 2023, as quoted by the Plant Based Foods Association
5 Source: Circana 2023 Snacking Survey
6 Source: IDDBA, 2023
60% of total U.S. households
are buying plant-based foods
and 80% of households are
repeating those purchases.4
Nearly half (49%) of
consumers eat more than
three snacks a day, with
younger generations snacking
more often than others.5
THEMSELVES with occasional
indulgences, as 78% report
that they view their physical
and emotional health as
intertwined. 6

Better Balance - AAK 2023

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