Better Balance - AAK 2023 - 2

The desire for better products,
interpreted in more and different ways,
means that manufacturers are trying to
balance ingredients across a range of
applications, including the use of fats and
oils. These ingredients are crucial in the
taste, mouthfeel and nutritional profile of
a wide variety of products.
" Fats and oils play a critical role in the
foods we all enjoy. As market demands
evolve, so do solutions that make
products better tasting, healthier and
more sustainable. "
-Ryan Branch, Sr. Marketing Manager
Creating formulations that tick the
" better " boxes can be challenging,
however. In plant-based alternatives,
non-animal fats and oils must provide
functionality and maintain the crucial
attribute of taste.
To help food makers make better
happen, AAK offers a wide variety of
multi-source fats and oils and works with
manufacturers to overcome challenges
across a range of categories, including
confections, baked goods, dairy, plantbased
and special nutrition. Many of
those categories are seeing a boom in
innovation that aligns with consumers'
elevated expectations.
The innovation boom is reflected in
the plant-based food market. This sector
continues to bloom, as manufacturers
invest in R&D efforts across a broad range
of segments. Offerings include alternatives
to traditional products as well as plantbased
foods that shine on their own.
The number of new consumer
packaged foods introduced with a plantbased
claim surged 302% between 2018
and 2023.7
The plant-based food market is
expected to grow at a combined annual
growth rate of 10.95% from 2023 to 2028.8
While taste is a driver in virtually
every type of food or beverage chosen,
the fundamental factor of satisfaction

Better Balance - AAK 2023

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