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ultimately drives consumer acceptance,
repeat purchases and loyalty in the plantbased
space. Taste is the top priority for
more than half (52%) of people when they
buy any plant-based food.
In addition to protein, the right balance
of fats and oils is crucial in providing
a satisfying taste and overall eating
experience. For example, a proper fatbased
solution mitigates unappealing
characteristics of plant-based recipes,
such as " off " tastes or texture associated
with plant-based ingredients. Timing is
everything, too, given that it is important
to develop a fat system early on in the
formulation process, so the rest of the
ingredients come together and perform
as intended.
Food processors can choose from a
variety of functional fat and oil systems
that effectively replace fat in plant-based
products such as alternative meats and
dairy products as well as strictly plantbased
items. These systems include
single source oils like coconut, sunflower
and high oleic safflower as well as blends
using these sources or others that impart
a particular texture and mouthfeel.
Applications in Action
Plant-based Chicken Nugget -
This alternative to a popular meat
product tastes, looks and cooks like
traditional chicken, for delicious snacks
consumers will love. These nuggets eat
like chicken with realistic taste, texture
and succulence. Their adherence and
coloring after cooking are as golden
and great tasting as consumers
expect. AAK's AkoVeg™ 117-14, a
palm-free solution, is used
to create a plant-based
chicken nugget that
exceeds consumer
Plant-based Chipotle
Mayo -
The plant-based creamy
mayo has a slightly spicy,
bold chipotle flavor. Thick and
rich, this plant-based Chipotle Mayo
acts as a dressing, dip and spread and
features the taste and texture of real
chipotle mayonnaise. Consumers also
find this to be delicious served chilled or
warmed. The condiment pairs well with
plant-based chicken nuggets, too.
" One of the main challenges of
plant-based manufacturing lies in the
need to identify the ideal blend of
fats and oils to symbiotically interact
with other plant-based ingredients
and the palate to deliver the specific
organoleptoic and functional properties
of each type of plant-based products. "
- Andrea Weis, Scientist II at AAK
Parallel to consumers' taste for plantbased
foods, permissibly indulgent
sweets are also having a moment. After
consecutive years of challenges and stress
brought about by the pandemic, inflation
and other concerns, people are turning to
sweet treats to brighten their palate - and
their day.
15% of consumers reward themselves
with chocolate daily.
Portion control is more appealing than
low sugar, as the inherent indulgence is
the point.
As with plant-based formulations,
confections, sweet baked goods and other
such items require a careful balance of
ingredients, including fats and oils.
Source: Mintel Global New Products Database
Source: Global Plant-Based Food Market

Better Balance - AAK 2023

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