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Application in Action
Chocolate Cake with Caramel
Flavored Icing - For those who love
to treat themselves: a fluffy and moist
cake with the desired volume, crumb
structure and tenderness. With AAK's
emulsified shortening system, the
icing has improved whippability and
shelf life, so consumers can enjoy
its ideal taste and texture for longer.
Features AkoSun™ 46-53XP high
oleic sunflower oil for better stability
and shelf life, Cisao®
8253 and
Cisao® 8315 zero trans-fat,
non-hydrogenated palm
oils to protect the texture
and moisture barrier of
the inclusions, improve
icing whippability and
prevent post hardening.
Innovations in food development are
evident across the spectrum of snacking.
As consumers continue to snack all day,
they are reaching for products that mirror
their interest in better taste, sustainability
and convenience. Behind those products,
manufacturers are creating or adjusting
formulations by using fats and oils that
perform best in that particular application.
Applications in Action
Cocoa Hazelnut Spread - Indulgently
creamy and silky smooth. This
decadent chocolate hazelnut butter
spread won't oil out and will stay silky
smooth for months. Features EsSence®
86-33, AAK's special blend of palm,
palm kernel and canola oils, containing
less saturated fat than comparable
fats-and significantly reduces oil
seepage to provide higher quality
products with longer shelf life.
Popcorn with a
Chocolatey Drizzle -
A delectable and
bite-worthy snack
that consumers will
reach for throughout the
day, this snackable popcorn
is covered in a decadent compound
chocolate made with AAK's premium
non-hydrogenated coating fats.
29-01 NH is a key ingredient
to help compounds achieve faster
crystallization during cooling and
deliver optimal flavor and sensorial
Just as formulations must be balanced
to impart the right taste, texture and other
attributes that make up a satisfying eating
experience, the development process
works best in a symbiotic way.
Manufacturers who are developing
or improving products to meet the everevolving
tastes and needs of consumers
don't have to go it alone. AAK offers
a signature co-development process,
working side by side to create innovative
solutions. AAK's Customer Innovation
Centers are strategically and conveniently
located in Edison, N.J., Richmond, Calif.
and Louisville, Ky. to make it easy for
manufacturers to develop and expedite
finished products leveraging specialty
fats and oils expertise and cutting-edge
By partnering with AAK's experts,
food companies can optimize their
development in other ways. For example,
substituting existing ingredients with
plant-based equivalents doesn't just meet
market demand for plant-based products
but also can help improve process

Better Balance - AAK 2023

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