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AB MAURI GOES 'ALL IN' FOR IBIE IN LAS VEGAS AB Mauri North America (ABMNA) - with region headquarters based in St. Louis, MO - is looking to parlay its position as a bakery yeast and ingredients provider and technical collaboration leader into a successful excursion at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Oct. 8-11. For ABMNA - a company filled with employees who are truly 'passionate about baking' - IBIE represents a great opportunity to inspire the baking industry with a variety of fun and informative activities including a virtual reality experience into the wonderful world of baking, a sampling of artisan breads featuring new Aromaferm™ cereal ferments, a documentary featuring AB Mauri's world-class technical support and several key customers, a celebration of 150 years of Fleischmann's Yeast in 2018, sweet treats from TLC's 'Next Great Baker' winner Lia Weber, an interactive iSnap photo booth that allows guests to capture the moment and share simultaneously in a number of social media formats, a highend coffee bar and lounge area, and much more.  Event attendees can visit Booth #9919 on-site or visit www.abmna.com and call 1.800.772.3971 prior to IBIE for more information. VIRTUAL REALITY: BAKING & BEYOND DOCUMENTARY: RISING TOGETHER Experience baking like you've never seen it before.  Told through the eyes of an 11-year-old girl to her classmates, this story explores the wonderful world of baking - from yeast propagation and mixing to baking and beyond.  Strap on a set of virtual reality goggles, and be prepared to be astounded throughout this immersive journey. Take a step into the world of baking through the eyes of the customer.  Collaboration is the name of the game for AB Mauri as it relates to the industrial and artisan bakery partners with which we work.  This sophisticated and in-depth behind-the-scenes film shows the baking industry in a new whole new light. AROMAFERM: ARTISANAL BREAD SAMPLING FLEISCHMANN'S YEAST: CELEBRATING 150 YEARS Timing is a luxury in the baking industry.  With new Aromaferm™ Cereal Ferments, industrial and artisan bakers can avoid long dough fermentations and create authentic flavors and delicious textures in a variety of breads quickly, easily and cost-effectively.  Be sure to stop by AB Mauri North America's booth (#9919) to try one of four breads featuring new Aromaferm products with flavors ranging from mild to robust. In 1868, enterprising Austrian brewer Charles Fleischmann and his brother Maximilian began manufacturing the first standardized commercial yeast in the United States.  Now, Fleischmann's Yeast, the oldest baker's yeast company in the U.S., is preparing to reach another key milestone, the brand's 150th anniversary.  IBIE will serve as the launching point for a future celebration honoring iconic Fleischmann's Yeast. http://www.abmna.com

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