AB Mauri - 150 Years & Counting - 2018 - 3

Answering some of the most frequently asked questions
about yeast is James Parker, AB Mauri North America's vice
president of yeast fermentation excellence, who has more
than 30 years working on Fleischmann's Yeast.
Q: What are the enduring qualities that have
allowed Fleischmann's Yeast to be relevant over a
150-year period?
A: A sesquicentennial may be a difficult word to say, but
it means a lot: for us, it means 150 years of excellence in
baking. The original principles that the Fleischmann brothers
utilized to build the brand - quality, consistency and service -
still hold true today.
Q: Why is yeast important for baking?
A: Without yeast, there is no bread, but instead a collection
of ingredients, and possibly a cracker. The lead baker's
strain, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, really does three things
very well: it produces more of itself; it creates alcohol - which
is perfect for creating beverages such as beer, wine and
spirits; and it generates carbon dioxide - which ultimately
gives bread its rise and lift. We don't believe yeast gets the
appropriate recognition for the important role it plays in the
baking process including other factors consumers want in
their bread, like taste and aroma.
Q: How fast can yeast grow?
A: Yeast is incredibly efficient and can grow very rapidly,
from a pencil-tip size of yeast to more than 750,000 pounds
of fresh yeast in less than a week. That is almost equivalent
to the load weight of nearly 20 semi-trucks.
Q: What are the driving factors that bakers
demand from their yeast?
A: Consistency is tremendously important. It is crucial that
we control the yeast's biological system in our manufacturing
process to ensure that our customers receive the same
product every time - including activity level and quality in

Q: What makes Fleischmann's Yeast successful
A: At AB Mauri, our iconic brand is supported by state-ofthe-art global technology - including access to a strain bank
of hundreds of different varieties - rigid quality controls
and dedicated technical support team professionals across
North America. Our proposition is not just about yeast in
cream, compressed and dry formats. It is about our 150-year
commitment in baking and our knowledge of how our yeast
and other ingredients can help industrial, artisan and
at-home bakers be as successful as possible.
Q: Yeast is literally a product that has been
offered for quite a long time. What is new from
AB Mauri as it relates to the yeast business?
A: AB Mauri was first-to-market with commercial-wide
baker's yeast offering Non-GMO Project verification through
several Fleischmann's Yeast industrial dry products
manufactured at our global facility in Veracruz, Mexico. As
we all know, our customers and end consumers alike have
continued to desire cleaner label solutions for food production
over the past several years, and this is a beneficial attribute
to offer. Yeast is certainly exciting as well within our new
global non-bakery division - AB Biotek - that launched a
year ago. Our fermentation science and technical support
teams are continuously working with consumer alcohol
producers, biofuel manufacturers and nutritional supplement
experts across North America on how to optimize their
businesses through yeast.
Q: Where is Fleischmann's Yeast manufactured
for the local marketplace?
A: Our baker's yeast is produced in multiple locations to
service North America including: Memphis, Tennessee;
LaSalle, Quebec (Montreal area) and Calgary, Alberta in
Canada; and Veracruz, Mexico.


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