AB Mauri - Passionate About Baking - 2019 - 2

Key Highlights At AB Mauri's Exhibit At IBIE Include:
An internationally-acclaimed dough
performance troupe: U.K. artist Laura Wilson
engages with specialists to develop sculptural
and performative works that amplify the
relationship between materiality, memory and
tacit knowledge. In this case, look out for
performers interacting with dough, and get
those cameras ready.

A donut mosaic artist: New York-based artist
Candice CMC creates a tasty take on famous
images by arranging photographs of different
varieties of frosted donuts. When viewed
up close, the graphic appears to be just a
series of those favorite snacking items. But
when viewed from a distance, a whole other
familiar visual comes to mind. Sorry, no
sneak peeks...you must come to the booth to
see this famous work of art!
An award-winning bread sculptor: Johnson
& Wales University Professor of Baking &
Bread Studies Harry Peemoeller continues
to do what he does best: bake...but with an
interesting twist. The Hamburg, Germanynative previously captained Team USA in the
prestigious, international Bread Bakers Guild
competition to a gold medal win in 2010.
Again, no early previews of Harry's baked goods
work-of-art...but, hint, set your sights high.
A brand ambassador from more than a
century ago: In 1912, Fleischmann's Yeast
unveiled a new campaign - titled 'Eat More
Bread' - focused on at-home bakers. The
brand sponsored home economic classes
taught by guest teachers in high schools
and colleges across the U.S., held baking
contests and gave away recipe books. Now,
more than a century later, the face of that
campaign - John Dough - is done loafing
around. He's back...so be on the lookout for
a mascot that fits right in at IBIE.

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AB Mauri - Passionate About Baking - 2019

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