AB Mauri - Passionate About Baking - 2019 - 4

Answering questions
about the company's
IBIE activities is Rick
Oleshak, AB Mauri North
America's vice president
of marketing.
Q: Why did AB Mauri decide to focus on the
'art of baking' at IBIE this year?

Q: Why did you enlist celebrity baker Duff
Goldman for your IBIE activation?

A: We're always looking at interesting ways
to engage and interact with our bakery
customers during this important industry event.
Additionally, we also know it is important to
think both ahead and differently to inspire
attendees, and what better way to do that than
through an artistic mindset and presented in
an art gallery setting.

A: We view Duff and his team from Charm
City Cakes as more than just cake bakers
and decorators. This group is incredibly
creative, passionate and invested in what it
does, and that mentality aligns with the spirit
our technical bakers and other employees
showcase daily. In fact, the art being displayed
in the AB Mauri exhibit by Duff's team is
surprisingly not made of cake at all. Be sure
to stop by and visit with Duff when he is in our
booth on Monday, September 9.

Q: It is hard not to notice the change in your
slogan - 'Passionate About Baking' - for the
upcoming exposition. Why the shift?
A: Going along with our theme focused on
the importance of art in baking, 'PassionART
About Baking' is a playful way that combines
the passion our employees have for the trade
with the unique experiences we have in store
for our exhibit space. Be sure to stop by
Booth #6653 to see the baking industry a bit

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Q: What products are you planning to highlight
at the show?
A: We are showcasing several items at IBIE
that will be of interest to both industrial and
artisan bakers. This includes clean label
artisan grain bread mixes, premium sweet
goods solutions for donuts and leading
oxidation, softening and preservation
technology for bread, buns and rolls.

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AB Mauri - Passionate About Baking - 2019

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