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British vibe, like The Crown, Ted Lasso and
Downton Abby, so it only seemed appropriate
to celebrate this in our special way. Finally, this
is truly authentic to who we are as a company.
This a subtle tip of the cap to our parent
company based in Peterborough, U.K.
Q: We've even noticed that your logo has one
slight tweak to it this time around. Why?
A: We believe baking is exciting and should be
fun. It is nice to see that people in the industry
appreciate little Easter egg-type discoveries like
our AB Mauri bar symbol being replaced by the
unforgettable Elizabeth Tower that houses Big
Ben. Be sure to stop by Booth #1832 to speak
with our baking professionals on why we see
the industry a bit differently. Don't forget, you
can hear from our incredible technical baking
team and Duff Goldman on AB Mauri's podcast
titled 'The Oven Light', downloadable on both
Apple iTunes and Spotify.
Answering questions about the
company's IBIE 2022 activities is Rick
Oleshak, AB Mauri North America's
vice president of marketing, a former
marketing and publicity professional
with Anheuser-Busch, NASCAR and the
Orlando Magic.
Q: How did AB Mauri come up with the
London, U.K. theme this year?
A: We're always looking at creative ways
to engage and interact with bakery insiders
during IBIE. The past couple of years with
the pandemic, work-from-home & even
inflationary pressures have been hard on
everyone, so creating a new narrative to build
interest is important. Additionally, there have
been numerous television series lately with a
Q: Why did you call on Duff Goldman again
for your IBIE activation?
A: We see Duff and his team from Charm
City Cakes as more than cake bakers and
decorators. This group shares our passion for
baking, so it is a natural partnership for us.
Also, when it comes to storytelling, Duff is at
an elite level, so he can help lift our abilities
to an even higher level. Interestingly, when
we had our first call with Duff and the team,
he questioned, " Why don't you guys recreate
Baker Street? " , which is famous for so many
things. It is easy to want to surround yourself
with creative minds. Be sure to stop by and
visit with the " Ace of Taste " when he is in
our booth on Monday, September 19, to sign
autographs and pose for photographs.

AB Mauri - Take This Call - 2022

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