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Q: Do you have any new planned product
introductions for IBIE?
A: We will be highlighting new ingredient
technology that will appeal to both industrial
and artisan bakers. An innovative buffered
vinegar product under the BakeGard brand
offers a clean label option for bakeries looking
to remove traditional mold
inhibition solutions from
their formulations. Also, we
will continue to promote our
growing Indulge lineup of
sweet goods mixes, bases
and blends for everything
from donuts to crème
cakes. Fleischmann's Yeast,
Qualitase dough conditioners,
Softase softening solutions
and other brands will make
a return visit, too. We
encourage you to stop by and
ask our team any questions
you may have.
Q: Your recent advertising campaign focused
on a message behind, " London Calling. "
What do you mean by that?
A: If you're a 1980s alternative rock or first
wave music fan, then you know where we are
coming from. We are not afraid to " clash "
with the conventional expectations for what
IBIE should be...in a positive and fun way. In
fact, we approached the baking organizations
responsible for the convention - American
Bakers Association (ABA), BEMA and the
Retail Bakers of America (RBA) - about
extending our streets of London concept into
an official IBIE happy hour event. After a mix
of complete excitement and collaboration,
Duff Goldman's rock band of chefs, called
Foie Grock, will perform a special concert of
British rock music on Monday of show week
from 5-6 p.m., in West Hall Ballroom W326.
So, London is certainly calling, so please pick
up the phone, and visit us at The Rockin' Pint
on Sept. 19 or visit Rockin' Pint Night - IBIE
2022 (bakingexpo.com) for more information.
Q: What other news can you share with us as
we get into Fall 2022?
A: Just before the pandemic hit, ABMNA
dedicated a new 10,000-square-foot expansion
at our North America headquarters located
in St. Louis, Missouri. The space - called
the Fleischmann's Technology Center -
incorporates the new Pasteur Hall learning
and research center, an experience center for
customers and guests, a five-times-larger yeast
strain and non-yeast development center and a
larger bakingHUB™ for bakery experimentation
and trial. The world changed due to COVID-19,
but we certainly encourage and invite industrial
and artisan bakers to continue visiting us inperson.
We are here for bakeries today, and we
are excited about what tomorrow may bring.
https://www.bakingexpo.com/why-attend/show-features/rockin-pint-night/ https://www.bakingexpo.com/why-attend/show-features/rockin-pint-night/

AB Mauri - Take This Call - 2022

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