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With demand growing for dairy alternatives and
functional products that provide benefits like improved cognitive health, ADM product developers
created this Chocolate Almond Coconut Smoothie
to deliver on what health-forward, plant-forward
consumers are seeking.
Technical challenges were overcome with a carefully curated combination of ingredients, based on
desired attributes and functionality. For example,
almond butter was the chosen protein source for this
beverage, imparting a smooth flavor and providing
plant-based protein, while brain-boosting Onavita™
DHA algal oil provided Omega-3s for enhanced
cognitive function. Fibersol® soluble dietary fiber, was
added for digestive health.
Overall, this nutritionally-enhanced product is
appealing for flexitarians and those looking for a
healthy snack option.
Featured ADM ingredients: Almond butter,
Fibersol® soluble dietary fiber, black bean powder,
natural flavors, coconut milk powder and Onavita™
DHA algal oil.

With plant-based meat alternatives, texture and
taste are crucial. The plant-based protein must
work synergistically with other ingredients to
provide those characteristics, along with satiety.
The foundation, or body, of these meatballs comes
from soy ingredients including soy crumbles and
soy flour. Black beans and black bean grits, along
with ancient grains and seeds, provide fiber. The
delicious regional flavor - another in-demand attribute among today's consumers - is achieved with
the taste of beans balanced by pepitas, Peruvian
roasted spice paste and natural roast-pork vegan
flavor. To offset any unsatisfying flavor resulting
from protein breakdown or fat oxidation or other
plant-based process, ADM's developers incorporated a natural protein masking flavor.
Featured ADM Ingredients: HiSolate™ TexSoy
crumbles, HiSolate™ soy flour, VegeFull™ black
bean grits, VegeFull™ whole black beans, red quinoa, chipped pepitas, natural roast pork-type flavor
(vegan), natural protein masking flavor and Peruvian roasted spice paste.


Protein Today - ADM 2019

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