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* Today, 44% of the U.S. population self-identifies as "flexitarian." (ADM Outside Voice™
Consumer Study, May 2019).
* The term "plant-based" grew 2,462% on
U.S. menus over the last four years (Datassential, SNAP Tool, June 2019).
* Sales of plant-based food grew five times
faster than total food sales in the U.S. in
2019. (Good Food Institute, "Plant-Based
Market Overview" Article, May 2019).
* 43% of consumers have purchased milk
alternatives in the past three months; 32%
have bought meat alternatives; and 30%
have purchased dairy product alternatives.
(Hartman Group, "Food and Technology
Report", 2019).
* More than 40% of consumers believe
plant-based protein is healthier than
animal protein and can fulfill their protein
needs. (Mintel, "Plant-Based Proteins"
Report, 2019).

interested in protein-plus options such as Omega-3, Omega-6, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Antioxidants and Vitamin C, among others, per findings
from Hartman Group, "Protein Occasions" Report,
May 2019.
Manufacturers who incorporate these value-added ingredients for functional health claims and other nutrition considerations will be well positioned
for even greater growth.

It may be an easy decision for consumers to seek
out protein-plus foods that deliver positive nutritional and functional benefits. It isn't as easy for
manufacturers who have to pull off desired taste,
texture, appearance, health, wellness and nutrients
in a formulation.
And make no mistake: taste is king. In the ADM
Outside Voice™ Consumer Study, May 2019, more
than half (51%) of flexitarians reported that inferior
taste is the main barrier when considering plantbased proteins. Taste can be thrown off by a number of factors when using plant-based ingredients,
from fat oxidation to the breakdown of proteins.
"It can be challenging to develop the sophisti-

cated products that people are interested in right
now. Appealing protein-plus products are made
from a range of ingredients that have to be in the
right balance to deliver on the attributes consumers want," says Jacquelyn Schuh, product marketing director for ADM Company.
Leading food solutions provider ADM helps product developers create nutritional and functional
solutions that are attractive to today's health-minded, discerning consumers. ADM has the industry's
broadest plant-based portfolio and a culinary-forward focus in taste and flavor capabilities that
bring taste, texture, functionality, appearance, color
and nutrition together, according to Schuh.
"With decades of experience in plant-based
proteins as well as natural flavors and colors, our
experts have the know-how to balance different ingredients and help manufacturers bring innovative
consumer-pleasing products to market quickly,"
she says.
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Protein Today - ADM 2019

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