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concentration in flour and grits
Pea protein-Nutrient-dense
ADM's Culinary CraftedSM
Bases & Sauces
Brown butter bases-Butter
bases that lend browned color and
natural nutty flavor without the
risk of overcooking.
Classic food bases-
Concentrated purées of meat,
poultry, seafood, vegetables or
herbs and spices that are created
from classic culinary techniques
like caramelizing, braising, oven
roasting or sweating to deliver
consistent, well-balanced, rich
flavor in an easy-to-use format.
Dairy and cheese bases-Simpleto-use
cheese bases with complex
flavors that provide a cost advantage
over standard cheese products,
including options for plant-based
alternatives. All offer the flavor and
mouthfeel of real dairy.
Ethnic spice shots and pastes-
Pastes of oil-roasted vegetables,
herbs and spices that can be used
to create flavorful global cuisines.
Flavor bases-Technologically
advanced meat and poultry flavor
systems that are created with
proprietary technology for bases
with deeper, richer flavor intensity,
balanced taste and rich mouthfeel.
Gravy and demi-glaces-Onestep
prep systems that help create
rich gravies and demi-glaces
where starch and water levels can
offerings include solutions for
many applications and budgets.
be easily adjusted to achieve the
right consistency.
Marinades-One-step systems
for meat, poultry and seafood
that incorporate oil and acid for
tenderizing and flavor delivery.
stock replacement technology
that delivers the same mouthfeel
and flavor impact as stock for rich,
deep flavors and cost savings.
Savory Flavor Systems
Savory flavors-Flavors that
lend chef-inspired, clear label
taste experiences, along with
color technology, to elevate the
eating experience of plant-based
meat alternatives and other
applications such as sauces,
dressings, food bases, soups and
ready meals.
ADM's experts have also perfected
modulation and masking ingredients
that can be used in plant-, grain- and
bean-based recipes for palatepleasing
Plant-Based Proteins
Soy protein-Soy proteins
that deliver nutrients and
functionality in a variety of
applications, available with 90%
protein concentration, 65-90%
protein concentration, 50-80%
To learn more about Culinary CraftedSM
and sustainable form of protein
that tastes clean and is highly
functional in a wide range of
Wheat protein-A nonGMO
plant protein effective in
addressing formulation concerns
in meat alternatives. Provides
superior water absorption for a
better overall eating experience.
Use it alone, with other proteins or
as a complement to ADM's soy and
pea proteins.
Wholesome Ingredients
Edible beans-Navy, pinto, black,
small red, pink, Mayacoba, Great
northern, dark red kidney, light
red kidney and garbanzo beans
that can be used in an array of
meals, side dishes, meat and dairy
alternatives and snacks.
Ancient grains-On-trend
grains including amaranth, barley,
buckwheat, flax, millet, quinoa,
and sorghum that offer nutritional
benefits with the best flavor impact.
Hydrocolloids-Used to enhance
texture, mouthfeel and stability,
ADM's line of xanthan gums
includes organic-compliant, nonGMO,
vegan/vegetarian and clean
label options for use in applications
from sauces and dressings to meat
alternatives to beverages.
Lecithin-Emulsifiers that are
used in wide range of applications,
including dairy desserts, yogurt,
sauces, soups and prepared meals,
baked products, cakes, pastries,
cookies and biscuits.
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ADM - Delivering Value Without Compromise - 2023

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