ADM - Global Consumer Trends - 1

Forging a path
for future growth
ADM's second annual global consumer trends
highlight key drivers of growth in 2022
lobal forces, growing tensions, and the
ongoing pandemic has continued to
cause uncertainty as consumers look
to establish a sense of normalcy, leading to a
growing urgency for businesses to understand
shifting expectations and behaviors. While no one
can truly forecast the future, there are signals in
the industry landscape that make it possible to
anticipate what's next.
ADM, a global leader in nutrition, has released
its second annual list of global consumer trends.
Based on proprietary in-depth research as well as
a network of trend spotters and industry experts
around the world, the company highlights and
analyzes the key growth spaces poised for
takeoff, helping customers stay competitive and
plan for emerging opportunities in the everevolving
The key drivers that reflect how consumer
motivations are changing and the impacts for
business and brands span from consumers
connecting what they eat and how they feel, to
aligning their spending more with like-minded
companies. Below are just a few of the top
consumer trends fueling global growth now
and in the future that can help pave the way
for innovation, renovation, and development

ADM - Global Consumer Trends

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