ADM - Global Consumer Trends - 2

The Growing Role of Wholesome
Nutrition, from the Microbiome
to the Mind
As 2022 begins, consumers are paying close
attention to the entire spectrum of health
and wellbeing, seeking products that fit their
personal wellness goals and values. This
sense of mindful self-care began before the
COVID-19 pandemic, and global issues have only
exacerbated the movement.
TREND: Nourishment for the Whole Self
Consumers want to be more proactive about
supporting their mind and body through a
balanced approach to diet and lifestyle. While
this is a long-term trend, the global pandemic
has driven renewed interest, with many seeking
new ways to cope with stress and anxiety and
promote emotional wellbeing. Heeding the
mind-body connection and the pivotal role
foods and beverages can play in nourishing
both, consumers are looking for proactive,
mindful and accessible solutions tailored to
their unique tastes, lifestyle and wellness
goals. Wholesome nutrition is one important
way consumers are looking to support their
holistic health. In fact, ADM Outside
research indicates that 37%
of global consumers expect the
snacks they eat to improve
their mental well-being.1
Opportunities in the
wholesome nutrition
space span inherently
nutritious whole foods
that may support
overall health and
emotional wellbeing,
along with
solutions that consumers associate with stress
reduction and cognitive health. As brands seek
to develop nutrition-forward offerings for body
and mind, expert partners like ADM can offer a
wide variety of fully integrated solutions, from
ingredients to market-ready final products.
TREND: Plant-based Lifestyles
A flexitarian approach to eating has become
mainstream as consumers look to wholesome,
plant-based nutrition to support healthy,
environmentally friendly lifestyles. In fact, it
is expected that alternative proteins will very
likely account for 11% of the
total protein market in 2035.2
In addition, manufacturers
can expect greater demand
for plant-based products
that include more flexible
formats, accessible and
affordable options, kidfriendly
items and alternative
versions of authentic regional
cuisines. This is being fueled,
in part, by COVID-19, which has
accelerated interest in plant

ADM - Global Consumer Trends

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