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based as an alternative for those paying close
attention to their eating habits.
Food and beverage brands, in response, are
broadening the landscape of nutrient-dense
plant-based options, aiming to meet growing
demand for products that are delicious,
sustainable, health and wellness oriented and
safe. As a pioneer in the alternative protein space
for over 75 years, ADM can help teams provide
innovative plant-based alternative solutions with
supply chain reliability you can count on.
making different food choices after experiencing
digestive issues -- people increasingly look for
food and beverage solutions that are proactive,
including pre-, pro- and postbiotic solutions.
of global consumers are aware
of the potential benefits that bacteria in
the digestive system can have on their
overall health.1
Going forward, consumers are becoming more
% of consumers managing their meat
TREND: Microbiome as the Root of Wellness
Even a few years ago, the term " microbiome "
wasn't well known. Today, the benefits of
a robust microbiome are becoming
increasingly apparent, and
consumers are linking a healthy
gut to other aspects of health
and well-being, including
immune function, metabolic
health and even mental
acuity and mood. Instead
of seeking foods and drinks
that are reactive - i.e.,
1 ADM Outside VoiceSM
proactive about their personal health and wellbeing,
including seeking foods and drinks that
support their own microbiome. Ingredients in
those products, such as prebiotic dietary fibers
that support healthy digestion and gut microflora
and products that include fermented and living
foods, can help support the careful balance that's
needed for optimal gut health. Among other
solutions, ADM offers exclusive probiotics and
postbiotics tailored to support digestive health
and aspects of immune function, supported by a
library of clinical studies and technical expertise
in food and beverages.
TREND: Clean and Transparent Sourcing
With consumers adopting a holistic
approach to what they put in their
bodies, they seek foods and
beverages made in a way that
mirrors their mindset. The
demand for 'clean label'
products made with real,
kitchen-level ingredients
has become table stakes.
Transparency across a

ADM - Global Consumer Trends

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