ADM - Global Consumer Trends - 5

proprietary extraction technologies in
colors and flavors and extensive portfolio of
wholesome ingredients - including over 30
distinct plant protein ingredients - can help
brands create clean label solutions that will
meet consumer demand.
The Intersection of Sustenance and
In the year ahead, those throughout the
supply chain will continue to move from
embracing the idea of sustainability to taking
more concrete steps to achieve it. A general
desire to be better stewards of the earth and to
consume foods and beverages made in a planetfriendly
way will influence consumers' and
brands' decisions in 2022 and beyond, as they
" talk the talk and walk the walk " on the journey
to sustainability.
TREND: Sustainable Goodness
Sustainability continues
to gain momentum as a
priority. ADM's Outside
research confirms
that consumers view
sustainability as a moral
imperative and connect it
to what is right and ethical
in their community, the
environment at large and even
the future of humanity.
of global consumers say food, drink and
supplemental brands should be doing
more to protect the planet.5
47% of global consumers say they are now
more attentive to sustainability claims.3
This has sparked demand for ethical production
and sustainable sourcing practices, such as
regenerative agriculture and carbon negative
production to protect the food supply of the
future. Brands are responding by
taking positions on environmental
matters, aiming to reflect their
commitments to increasing
the sustainability of their
production and distribution
As the bridge between
the producer on the farm
and the consumer-facing
brands on our tables, ADM is
committed to leveraging its critical
Primary Reason for Purchasing Sustainable Products
Because they are better for
Me/my family
The earth/

ADM - Global Consumer Trends

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