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role in the supply chain to help create a more
resilient and sustainable global food system.
From innovative solutions including regenerative
agriculture programs, a net carbon neutral
milling network in the U.S. and traceable,
responsibly sourced ingredients, ADM can help
customers create measureable progress on
sustainability goals.
TREND: Advanced Renewables and
Wary of climate change and plastic pollution,
consumers are acutely aware of the use of finite
materials and the need to cut down on physical
practices and infrastructure, the use of bio-based
plastic and the development of consumer-centric
tools for waste reduction.
As a solutions provider with a long track record
of global consumers are willing to pay
more for products made with sustainable
materials, including food, personal care
and home care products.6
People now expect manufacturers to provide
innovative solutions that contribute to mitigation
of climate change and protect resources via
plant-based materials and processing practices
that reduce waste and energy use from
development to disposal. Growth opportunities
for brands include the adoption of circular
of investments in technology and partnerships
for production of plant-based materials, ADM is
ever-mindful of waste reduction. The company
provides plant-based solutions for industrial
applications such as paper, packaging and home
and personal care.
What does 2022 have in store
for your brand?
These growing consumer trends represent
an opportunity for forward-thinking brands
eager to maintain relevance with today's
consumer. ADM is ready to help customers meet
consumers' evolving needs and expectations
with proven insights, novel solutions, and
winning innovation.
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ADM - Global Consumer Trends

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