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Short and Sweet:
he formula for success in today's food
and beverage marketplace involves both
addition and subtraction. As consumers
balance enjoyment and wellness, many are
seeking to enhance their diets with better-for-you
products while cutting back or cutting out those
they consider to be less than healthy.
Facing simultaneous demand for products that
meet multiple preferences and interests, food
and beverage manufacturers are honing in on
their R&D efforts. Ultimately, delivering solutions
to people who want it all - taste, nutrition,
satiation and a clean label - involves ingredients
that work in tandem but offer unique properties
and benefits.
One case in point is the growing clamor for
foods and drinks that help consumers reduce their
sugar intake while also improving their digestive
health. This is a key growth area in today's
Mintel, GNPD, 2019, " Tap into the multiple benefits
of functional fibers. "
International Food Information Council (IFIC), 2021
Ingredient Delivers on Sugar Reduction,
Clean Label and Increased Fiber
marketplace, as more manufacturers heed their
customers' interests and add positive nutrition to
reduced-sugar products. In fact, fiber is becoming
a standout ingredient in 41% of new lower-sugar
product launches, added for both formulation
functionality and digestive health benefits.1
All for One, One for All
* 72% of consumers say they are trying
to reduce or avoid sugar.2
* More than half (51%) of consumers
check product labels for " total sugar. " 3
* Nearly 80% of consumers believe that
fiber is important to their diet.4
* Nearly 2 in 3 consumers say they are
adding or increasing fiber in their diet, a
6% increase in recent years.5
3 Mintel, 2021
4 OutsideVoiceSM Fiber Consumer Study, 2019
5 Hartman Fiber Occasions, 2019

Fibersol - Short and Sweet - ADM 2022

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