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Widening Choices While
Reducing the Gap
Today's consumers are driven by good
intentions as they seek to improve their diets, but
there remains a gap between actual consumption
and recommended intakes.
Think Positive: The Fibersol®
With the acute need to boost fiber intake and
the parallel quest to reduce sugar and added
sugars, manufacturers can stand out in the
marketplace by offering products that deliver
reduced calories with an upgrade for better
satiation and gut health.
Not all fiber is created equal, however. Some
When it comes to fiber, research
has shown that only about 5% of
the U.S. population meets the
recommendations for fiber. This
lopsided consumption has actually
been called a public health concern.6
6 Mobley, A. (2014) Nutrients, 6(7):2540-51
7 Ukhanova, M. (2012). Clin Microbiol Infect, 18(Suppl. 4), 62-66
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reduced-sugar products contain fiber ingredients
like polydextrose, oligofructose or inulin
that can cause discomfort, including severe
gastrointestinal symptoms. A well-tolerated
soluble dietary fiber ingredient, on the other
hand, is not only easier on the digestive system
but can help improve it.
Fibersol® is a resistant maltodextrin that is
not associated with severe gastrointestinal
symptoms. A prebiotic fiber that's backed by 30
years of extensive clinical research and scientific
data, Fibersol® allows for healthy digestion by
facilitating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the
It's well tolerated, at up to 68g per day.

Fibersol - Short and Sweet - ADM 2022

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