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Fibersol® can be used in formulations to bring
down sugar content while building back structural
integrity, improving mouthfeel and masking
the off-notes that other ingredients in the
formulation contain. It is a low net carb solution
as well, making it appealing to those following a
low-carb/low sugar eating plan.
Adding Up Fibersol®
* 10g of Fibersol®
contains only 0.2g
of sugar, or less than 1 calorie (.08kcal)
from sugar.
* Clinical studies show that 3.75g of
per serving may help
nourish the intestinal flora and
maintain a healthy intestinal tract
Clean and Simple
As an ingredient that delivers on gut health,
sugar reduction, prebiotic intake and satiety,
Fibersol® aligns with the growing movement for
clean and simple labeling. Derived from U.S.grown
corn, Fibersol offers multiple consumerfriendly
labeling options on the ingredient
statement, including " soluble corn fiber " or
" soluble vegetable fiber (corn) " , as well as
options to call out fiber and its content on the
packaging, such as " Fibersol-2 fiber, " " soluble
dietary fiber, " " dietary fiber, " " fiber, " and
" source of dietary fiber. " **
Fibersol-2 has been recognized as GRAS by
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
certified kosher and pareve by the Orthodox
Union and is halal-certified. Non-GMO Project
Verified versions are available as well.
* Nearly 2 in 3 consumers report that they
try to choose foods they perceive to have
" clean " ingredients. When asked to define
" clean label, " people ranked " not artificial
or synthetic " as their main meaning.10
(FOS Inulin)
Daily Limit (g/day)
IFIC, 2021, " From 'Chemical-sounding' to 'Clean': Consumer Perspectives on Food Ingredients "
* Consumed in 4 servings for a total of 15g per day over 3 weeks.
** Listed wording is subject to trademark and licensing agreements, and fiber content of the product.

Fibersol - Short and Sweet - ADM 2022

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