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Protein, the most sought out nutrient by U.S. shoppers
according to the "2016 Food and Health Survey" from
the International Food Information Council Foundation,
Washington, D.C., is fueling innovation of all types of
foods and beverages. Consumers are seeking out flavorful,
enjoyable products that provide quick and convenient ways
to increase protein intake.

"The ingredient marketplace continues to grow with new animal and plant proteins," says Buescher. "Our scientists help
customers understand the strengths and weaknesses of each
protein in order to identify a protein fortification system best
suited for an application. Collaboratively our knowledge on
nutrition, formulation, ingredient interaction and processing
is something that others in the industry don't offer."

"Consumers are looking for more from their food," says
Gerry Buescher, Director of Business Development at
Agropur Ingredients. "Protein ingredients are being used
to fortify everything from mainstay grocery items to health
and wellness foods to sport nutrition products."

As the ingredient supply and contract manufacturing
business of Agropur Dairy Cooperative, a North American
industry leader founded in 1938, Agropur Ingredients
knows dairy proteins best. However, as a custom solutions
provider to the food, beverage and nutritional industries,
Agropur Ingredients has vast technical expertise in all
protein ingredients and can assist customers worldwide
with their product development efforts.

Protein provides vital amino acids for proper functioning
and structural integrity of nearly every system in the human
body. Research indicates that all humans need about the
same amount of dietary protein every day for basic lean
muscle repair and remodeling. To reap other benefits, such
as promoting satiety, encouraging steady blood sugar
levels and supporting lean muscle mass, one must consider
the quality of the protein and the quantity of the protein at
every meal.
Data suggests that every meal should include 30 grams
of high-quality protein, including protein that is high in
the branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) leucine, which is
associated with promoting muscle health. Thirty grams is
the amount of protein for the body to function at its best.
Because all proteins are not created equal, it is important
for food and beverage innovators to know their options
to determine what protein or blend of proteins is most
suitable to meet nutrition and label claims.

Know your protein options:
Whey protein ingredients are a concentrated source
of the whey proteins produced during cheesemaking.
Whey protein concentrate typically contains 34% to 89%
protein, while whey protein isolate contains 90% or more.
Whey proteins are a source of all essential amino acids, in
particular the highly desirable BCAAs, and they are easily
digested and rapidly absorbed. Whey proteins are very
palatable. Some contribute a desirable milky, creamy color
to formulations, while other dissolve invisibly.
Milk protein concentrate is derived from fresh milk using
a membrane filtration system. It is composed primarily
of micellar casein (80%) with a smaller amount of whey
(20%). Milk protein concentrate has attributes similar to
whey proteins, but BCAA levels are not as concentrated.


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