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ly designed to work in conjunction with in-person seminars. The
offerings are in essence one seminar with some attendees attending in-person and others joining
virtually, and there is a dedicated
instructor for each format. In this
way, virtual attendees are fully integrated into the seminar and receive
the benefit of interacting with their
peers and trainers in a collaborative environment.
"This platform now includes the
addition of various interactive elements, including polls, quizzes,
games, interactive whiteboards
in breakout rooms and prompted
web searches," Martell said. "Group
discussions also engage online
participants in a way that prompts
learning. Each of these elements
helps draw individuals into the
In fact, virtual participants are
displayed on large screens at the
back of the classroom, and they
are displayed on multiple screens
when they speak. These participants are able to see the presentation and whiteboard from their
computer screen, and can even
raise their hand or share their
screen with the instructor to ask
any questions. In addition to having an internet connection, microphone and webcam on their
computer, participants only have
to download a small plug-in for
internet browsers in order to access the platform.

The Virtual Classroom launched
this spring, which proved to be
a critical time for the ability to offer online training given the disruption of travel as a result of the
COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, Lopez said the market had been asking for training options that are
cost-effective, led by experts and
that required less travel. She said
the development of the Virtual
Classroom meets those needs, especially during a time when travel
options were limited as a result of
the pandemic.
AIB International was able to
quickly shift almost all their
in-person offerings to online-only,
allowing for training to continue
despite disruptions resulting from
the pandemic. This ability to proceed despite circumstances provides an extra benefit to AIB International's training.
"By supplementing many of our
current in-person seminars with
online technologies that bridge
the geographical distance between trainer and trainee, we can
more effectively share our worldclass training while maintaining
our commitment to quality," Martell said. "That allows us to reach
students from around the world

as well as those who may not
have had access previously. The
Virtual Classroom also enables
those with different industry
backgrounds to participate and
learn from other industries they
would not otherwise have the
ability to interact with."
Not only is having seamless and
readily accessible training convenient for industry professionals, but
decreased barriers to training are
also vital to the safety of the food
supply and public trust in the food
industry. AIB International has recognized that the current workforce
shortage in the food industry and
lack of training they often receive
may result in Good Manufacturing
Practices not being fully implemented at their facilities. When this
happens and a manufacturer isn't
able to ensure they are producing
safe products, they risk costly recalls and undermining public trust
and confidence in the industry's
ability to produce safe food.
"Now more than ever, it is critical
for the food supply chain to ensure and even raise the standard
for food safety," Lopez said. "That
includes everybody from frontline
workers to seasoned leadership.
Even as temporary workers are
hired at manufacturing facilities

"Students appreciate that while
continuing to provide the expert
training they've come to expect
from AIB International, Virtual
Classroom allows them to make it
home in time for dinner after the
day's seminar is completed," Martell said. "That balance between
our training and their life is critical for an increasing number of

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AIB International - Train in Virtual Classroom

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