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and distribution centers, we can
do virtual onboarding training
with them as well. Our passionate
food safety experts provide the
training to support and empower
teams to deliver the best possible
To raise this standard for food safety, AIB International offers its wide
array of seminars through the Virtual Classroom, and topics of upcoming seminars include an offering
on preventive controls for human
food. This session will help attendees meet new requirements under
the Food Safety Modernization Act
for Preventive Controls Qualified
Individuals. Attendees will learn to
create a food safety plan, validate
preventive controls, review records
for implementation and effectiveness, review corrective actions and
perform analysis.
Other upcoming seminars include
workshops on Good Manufacturing Practices and sanitation as well
as HACCP. The GMP workshop will
help attendees develop, implement and manage a food safety

AIB International
training raises
the standard for
food safety

management system and riskbased preventive controls that
meet the Food Safety Modernization Act regulations and Global
Food Safety Initiative audit criteria. The HACCP Workshop will help
students develop a HACCP plan,
compile a HACCP manual and
manage food safety deviations.
Food defense and food fraud are
other key topics covered in seminars being offered this year. The
food defense coordinator seminar
will help facilities design a program to prevent intentional adulteration of their product, and the
food fraud seminar seeks to help
prevent product substitution and
economically-driven adulteration
of food.
These seminar offerings through
the Virtual Classroom boost AIB
International's online training presence, which already included various webinars, as well as online baking, food safety and food labeling
Yet the live and interactive elements of the Virtual Classroom and
the ability to more easily access

personal, in-depth training that
once required travel will help create an environment where professionals from around the world will
collaborate and learn from quality
trainers. This will raise food safety
and quality standards, which will in
turn boost AIB International's mission of ensuring the enjoyment of
food everywhere.
For more details on the Virtual
Classroom and to register for seminars, visit

Upcoming Virtual
Classroom seminars
Additional public and private
seminars will be added based
on demand.
*	 April 28-30 and June 16-18:
FSPCA Preventive Controls
for Human Food and HACCP
Integration for FSMA
*	 June 2-3, August 18-19, and
October 20-21: Food Defense
*	 June 4-5, August 20-21,
and October 22-23: Food
Fraud: Risk Assessment and
*	 August 4-5: GMP/
Sanitation workshop
*	 August 6-7: HACCP Workshop
*	 October 6-7: BRCGS Global
Standard for Ethical Trade &
Responsible Sourcing (ETRS)
Issue 1: Sites Training
To schedule a private Virtual
Classroom training, contact us at

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AIB International - Train in Virtual Classroom

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