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Gluten-Free Baking:
Simple Ingredients Make Smart Solutions
Today's consumers not only
desire the highest quality
foods made with the cleanest,
simplest ingredients; many
also require foods designed
to meet their special dietary
restrictions. This is often
the result of the increased
incidence of food sensitivities
and allergies. Further, greater
access to information via
mobile devices has spawned
an unparalleled consumer
awareness of a wide range of
issues, everything from healthand wellness-promoting foods
to perceived or factually harmful
ingredients. Consumers read
about these and then search
for foods to address their
latest concerns. This compels
formulators to seek out varied
free-from ingredients.
The food industry has had to
adapt to satisfy consumers'
tastes and nutritional
preferences. Today's toolbox
of ingredient technologies
is very different from that
of the past few decades.
Descriptors such as "natural,"
"organic" and "non-GMO" have
replaced efficient, economical
ingredients with chemical

nomenclatures. Demand for
foods made with plant-based
ingredients, namely proteins, is
also on the rise. And foods for
special diets, such as glutenfree, grain-free, keto, paleo and
more, are no longer considered
short-term passing fads. They
have become mainstream and
are growing.
American Key Food Products
(AKFP) is using the adage of
"what's old is new again" to grow
its toolbox of simple ingredient
technologies that provide
formulators with smart solutions
for developing the foods today's
consumers demand. The
company sources unique, yet
indigenous crops from around
the world, and applies proprietary
processing to produce
differentiated ingredients with
enhanced functionalities and
desirable attributes.
Its proprietary Premium
Cassava Flour stands out
among traditional cassava
flours for its refined qualities,
which allows for simplified
formulations without
complicated blends, all while
delivering superior gluten-

free and grain-free baked and
extruded products. AKFP's
superfine white and brown
rice flours from Kumamoto
Flour Milling are produced
using a specialized Japanese
technology to eliminate the
grittiness common to most rice
flours. The flours yield greater
volume expansion and softer
textures than found in many
rice flour-based gluten-free
baked goods in the market. The
company's Premium Cassava
Mix is a clean-label starch
blend that is a versatile baking
tool to create novel, multitextured baked snacks.
Let AKFP's simple and unique
gluten-free, non-GMO, cleanlabel ingredients be the
smart solution for your
company to overcome
baking and snack
food innovation
2-3 Next-Generation
Rice Flour
4-5 Premium Cassava Flour
6 Premium Cassava Mix for Novel
Textured Baked Goods



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