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"Customers want a support team in the same time zone
who speaks the same language and can be responsive"
- Jason Ward, president, AMF Bakery Systems
support from AMF Tromp and AMF Den Boer's
team of master bakers backed by a worldclass Innovation Center in Gorinchem, The
"Our philosophy as an organization is that
we need to have one-to-one customer
relationships from a sales perspective to
understand needs and match our product
offerings and capabilities to best meet those
needs one customer at a time," Mr. Ward said.
"As we broaden our product offerings, we still
need to bring that deep technical knowledge at
the process level, so we've created a product
specialist in each region to support the sales
organization as they require that deeper level of
technical and application knowledge to support
all customers."
Clint Adams will serve in that role in the
Americas region for AMF Tromp and AMF Den
Boer. He will act as a liaison and facilitator
between the Americas sales organization and
the engineering teams in The Netherlands.
In The Netherlands, AMF Bakery Systems
is bringing new purpose to
the two existing Den Boer
manufacturing facilities to
better serve AMF Den Boer
customers. One facility in
Bunschoten will focus primarily
on new baking system
projects, while the facility in
Dalfsen will handle service,
repair and modernization
of existing baking systems.
"We have found that when
you have more focus on
service, you get better results
for customers," said Ken
Newsome, CEO, AMF Bakery
Systems. "Focusing one facility
exclusively on service will

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improve the level of response customers get
from AMF Den Boer."
As bakeries grow and equipment ages,
AMF Bakery Systems can provide a rebuild or
modifications to help existing equipment meet
bakers' needs. "Sometimes the right decision
with aging equipment is to invest and get more
mileage out of it, and sometimes the right
decision is to buy new," Mr. Ward said. "We
want to help customers make the right decision
and support them." This refocused European
facility will help AMF Den Boer deliver on that
capability in that region just as AMF does with
other technologies around the globe.
During this integration, existing AMF Bakery
customers can still expect the same robust
level of support, service and expertise from
their regional team, but now with a wider range
of solutions.
"They will experience the reliability, the speed
of response and long-term commitment to
their business that AMF Bakery Systems has had
for years," Mr. Ward said.

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AMF - Solutions for a changing market

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