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AMF Bakery Systems helps bakery overcome growing
portfolio of products through integrated solutions.


hen starting up its second bakery
in 2012, Ekmek Unlu Gida, Gebze/
Kocaeli, Turkey, needed an equipment
supplier it could count on to
manufacture a large amount of products in a short
time. The company specializes in buns, sandwich
bread, biscuits, paninis, baguettes, toasted bread
and pizza dough and distributes its bread and buns
to 633 Burger King, 80 Sbarro, 204 Popeyes, 76
Arby's and 140 Usta Donerci restaurants in Turkey.
"The challenge was supplying the huge needs
of these restaurants on time with the required
quality," said Erhan Cansu, CEO, Ekmek Unlu
Gida. "Grocery markets are also our primary
customers who are buying toast bread from us."
In its first bakery, which opened in 2008, Ekmek
Unlu Gida incorporated AMF Bakery Systems'
horizontal mixers and dough dividers. At its
second facility, the company selected AMF as
the exclusive complete line supplier because
it was at the forefront of the initial success and
offered seamless system integration.
After a smooth line installation and startup for
the new bakery, Ekmek Unlu Gida continues its
product advancement with AMF's equipment
running from mixing to packaging. And with this
year's global integration of Tromp Group into AMF,
the commercial baking company has additional
solutions that will allow it to reach its goal of
producing specialty-type crusty baked goods.
By adding an AMF Tromp sheeting line, Ekmek
Unlu Gida can produce baguettes for the Turkish

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foodservice market. The fully-integrated sheeting
line uses the same mixing, proofing, baking and
cooling platform as the bread and bun line, thus
maximizing the versatility of their bakery.
The combination of the sponge-and-dough
system offering better dough development and
flavor and the automated recipe management
system makes it easier to create the desired
dough structure with greater formulation flexiblity.
Without damaging dough cell structures, transfer
equipment sends prepared dough to low-pressure
extrusion dividers and stress-free sheeting line,
which act as the heart of the system.
According to Mr. Cansu, the speed,
temperature and humidity control during
proofing produces Ekmek Unlu Gida's best
baked products. Through automated recipe
management, the AMF Vesta Oven heats different
zones while providing steam for crusty products.
Automated packaging of different sizes of its
bread in bulk has also been a big advantage.
"We've had no shutdowns and no technical
problems thanks to AMF," Mr. Cansu said. "They
kept their promises."
No matter what the future holds for Ekmek
Unlu Gida, Mr. Cansu knows the bakery can rely
on AMF. Ekmek Unlu Gida's customers appreciate
the service as well. "Our restaurants do not have
any doubt about the quality and the supply timing
of these products; therefore, the impact on the
business is very positive," Mr. Cansu noted. "It's
been a long and fruitful partnership with AMF."

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AMF - Solutions for a changing market

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