Avure Technologies - March 2018 - 1


Consumer trends towards clean labels
and safe food products fuel interest in
high pressure processing
t's a clean and simple conclusion: consumers are looking for clean labels
and natural, simpler products.


According to research conducted in late 2017 by market research firm
Nielsen, 93 percent of U.S. households have purchased a clean label
product at grocery stores, and sales of products billed as simple, clean,
sustainable and free of artificial ingredients are increasing while sales of
conventional products are declining. Underscoring the future of such
products, younger consumers in Generation X and Millennial age groups
are more likely to purchase products labeled as clean.
At the same time, consumers remain concerned about food safety and
are willing to take action if they think food is compromised: a 2017 study
commissioned by FoodLogiQ, found that if a brand that consumers like
experiences a recall that causes sickness, nearly a quarter of them say
they will never use the brand or visit the restaurant again. On the ground,
food safety remains a real issue: according to the Centers for Disease



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