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DESIGN OF THE TIMES Prom Cakes: The next big thing in occasion cakes Reality television has forever changed the way consumers think about cake. And while the basic assumption is that it’s raising the bar on customer orders—especially with wedding cakes—it’s also opening up minds and imaginations to the possibilities of what can be considered an “occasion cake.” The latest occasion to pick up cake business is the high school prom. Couple cake challenges with shows like My Super Sweet 16 on MTV, and the ideas just get bigger. Prom can become a perfect opportunity to increase cake sales. On the West coast, Torrance Bakery in Torrance, CA, has been getting orders for prom cakes for about five or six years. “Every year, the decorators look at each other and say, ‘Are we doing more than we did last year?’” says Kirk Rossberg, owner of Torrance Bakery. “It seems like it keeps growing a lit bit more each year.” Rossberg says the bakery will do more than 200 prom cake orders over a five-week period. On the East coast, prom cakes are still a novelty, but the orders are still there. Bella’s Desserts in Glenmoore, PA, and Piece-A-Cake Bakery in Raleigh, NC, have both done a cake for proms at area schools. 22 · BAKING BUYER · APRIL 11 Party Cakes In Glenmoore, Bella’s Desserts owner Lauren Cortesi isn’t surprised by the fact that there are prom cake orders, but she is skeptical that it will pick up in public school systems, especially when so many states are dealing with budget cuts in education. But in Torrance, it’s the parents ordering cakes for pre-parties, rather than the school ordering the cake for the dance itself. “A group of people will go over to one parent’s house, and the parents will also go over and meet them,” Rossberg says. “So when the parents come over with the kids, it becomes a pre-prom type of celebration.” The prom cake orders that Rossberg gets are usually a halfsheet at a minimum—sometimes even three-quarters or a full sheet. Prom cakes can range in theme, anywhere from the dance’s theme, to champagne, to what’s the latest trend among the kids. “I wasn’t surprised that a parent wanted to get the kids a cake for prom,” Cortesi says. “I was more surprised by the cake itself.” The order she received was for a double-layer sheet cake that replicated the iPod touch, because that was the latest gadget that the kids were getting. She expected to have a theme that had more to do with the school. “I have done reunion cakes, and it Photography Courtesy of Torrance Bakery

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bakingbuyer - April 2011
EDITOR’S NOTE - The Century Mark
‘Last Cake Standing’ Returns
Deli Added to 2012 Atlantic Bakery Expo
Barry Callebaut Strengthens Healthier Confectionery Alternatives
WP Bakery Group Joins Industrial Market
Wilton Survey Reveals How America Bakes
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Prom Cakes: The next big thing in occasion cakes
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bakingbuyer - April 2011