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DESIGN OF THE TIMES something set in their mind on what they want.” Merchandising Opportunities All it takes is one prom cake order to get the ball rolling on merchandising opportunities. Just look at how the prom cake business has grown for Torrance Bakery in just five or six years. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. And think about all the people who see that cake. Many times, the host parent will want to set the bar when it comes to prom cake, and when the other parents are involved in the party, they’ll be interested in raising the bar next year. And families with multiple children mean multiple prom opportunities. And, as Rossberg puts it, “Not everyone goes to prom, but most everyone graduates.” So a halfsheet cake for a prom party has the potential to impress a whole group of parents who likely have graduation coming up on the heels of prom. A cake for the dance means that students, faculty, chaperones and possibly others will see and taste it. The prom cake that PieceA-Cake did got this response in a testimonial on the bakery’s website: “The prom cake was officially a huge success. The kids have kept commenting on it. I sent home leftover cake with the administration and policemen. They raved at how good it tasted. I took some home myself and ate it Party Time Don’t assume there are no prom cake opportunities just because your local school district might not have the budget. There are other events surrounding the prom that provide opportunities for cake. • Pre-prom party at a parent’s house • Sponsored post-prom event • After-party at another parent’s house for breakfast and dinner Saturday after prom.” Even if you’ve never had a prom cake order, now is the time to start promoting. The next time you decorate a dummy cake, make it a prom theme, equipped with stars, gold, silver and plenty of glitter or pixie dust, and pick up some extra pre-graduation business. JOANIE SPENCER APRIL 11 · BAKING BUYER · 25

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bakingbuyer - April 2011
EDITOR’S NOTE - The Century Mark
‘Last Cake Standing’ Returns
Deli Added to 2012 Atlantic Bakery Expo
Barry Callebaut Strengthens Healthier Confectionery Alternatives
WP Bakery Group Joins Industrial Market
Wilton Survey Reveals How America Bakes
Robbie Unveils Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches
Celebration Bread
Using Preferments
Team USA Profi le
Prom Cakes: The next big thing in occasion cakes
Popular Prom Themes
Party Time
Expand Your Horizons
A Fresh Take on Take-and-Bake
The Sandwich Parallel
Online Ordering
Pick-up Artists
History IN THE Baking
Employee Recognition
Tips on Fondant Sheeting
Smoothies Sell Themselves
Production Schedule
Sammie Surprise

bakingbuyer - April 2011