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CONSUMER PURCHASING Online Ordering Online cake ordering is picking up in every corner of the United States. Typically, because cakes can be quite delicate, shipping is nearly impossible (if customers want the cake to arrive in the same condition in which it left your shop, that is), so many cake orders are limited to local delivery or pickup in the bakery. So, how do you go from passing a cake recipe down through the generations to shipping the product all across the country? Just ask Kelly Power, president of Lisa’s Rum Cake in Gilbert, AZ. This bakery has evolved from a renowned rum cake shop to a lucrative e-commerce operation located in a state-of-theart cake factory. “A lot of people were asking about shipping the famous Italian rum cake from Arizona,” Power says. “And as an engineer, I saw an opportunity to provide that.” Utilizing social media, online ordering, state-of-the-art equipment and specialized shipping boxes, Lisa’s Rum Cakes have now shipped their product to more than 200 cities in 43 different states, including as far away as Anchorage, AK and Maui, HI. “Because it’s a layered cake, we keep it frozen to ship it,” Power says. He uses blast-freezing technology to quickly bring the temperature down. Not only does it keep the food safe from bacteria, but it also keeps the cake in tact for shipping and streamlines a process from days down to hours. JOANIE SPENCER Pick-up Artists Not every bakery has the ability to ship delicate cakes and pastries cross-country. But that doesn’t mean they don’t offer online ordering for in-store pickup. Take a look at how some bakeries are utilizing online shopping carts for pickup at the bakery. Atwoods Bakery, Alexandria, LA — While products ranging from cookies to King cakes and some pies will ship from Atwoods, cakes ordered online are only available for pickup at the bakery. Reinwald’s Bakery, Huntington, NY — Customers can order cookies to be shipped from Reinwald’s; otherwise, plan to order online bread, mousse, cakes, coffee cakes and cupcakes and pick them up in the bakery. Ambrosia Bakery, Baton Rouge, LA — Only cheesecakes and King cakes ship to customers’ doors from this bakery, but they can order online and pick up in-store sheet cakes, breads, cookies, brownies, breakfast pastries and more. 36 · BAKING BUYER · APRIL 11

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bakingbuyer - April 2011
EDITOR’S NOTE - The Century Mark
‘Last Cake Standing’ Returns
Deli Added to 2012 Atlantic Bakery Expo
Barry Callebaut Strengthens Healthier Confectionery Alternatives
WP Bakery Group Joins Industrial Market
Wilton Survey Reveals How America Bakes
Robbie Unveils Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches
Celebration Bread
Using Preferments
Team USA Profi le
Prom Cakes: The next big thing in occasion cakes
Popular Prom Themes
Party Time
Expand Your Horizons
A Fresh Take on Take-and-Bake
The Sandwich Parallel
Online Ordering
Pick-up Artists
History IN THE Baking
Employee Recognition
Tips on Fondant Sheeting
Smoothies Sell Themselves
Production Schedule
Sammie Surprise

bakingbuyer - April 2011