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LIQUID ASSETS SELL THEMSELVES Spring has sprung! And that means fresh, fruity flavors are taking over as the number one craving. Not only does fruit pair perfectly with the warmer weather, it also exudes a healthy quality—and that’s important to many people going into “swimsuit season.” According to What’s in Store 2011, the top method consumers are using to reach their healthy goals is eating more fruits and vegetables, with 84 percent of survey respondents choosing that option over cutting back on junk, snack and fried foods, and eating more whole grains and fiber. So this year, instead of just incorporating more fruits into your pastries for spring and summer, why not start up a small smoothie program? At Avalon International Breads in Detroit, MI, they are known for their baked goods, but they are also successful with smoothies. When they first introduced smoothies into their drink program, they used a mix to keep it simple and test out their popularity. The smoothies quickly took off, so the decision was made to put a little bit more into the program. “We recently switched to all-natural smoothies using fresh and frozen fruit, and incorporated more ingredients like green tea and yogurt,” says Jackie Victor, co-owner of Avalon. And yogurt is a strong ingredient with which to pair. U.S. yogurt sales grew 6.2 percent last year to more than $4.8 billion, and that number is expected to double within the next four years, according to What’s in Store 2011. So yogurt and fruit are clearly powerhouse partners. And finally, keep in mind that while you may be a bakery first, you can compete with smoothie shops. Rise Bakery and Coffee, for example, is rated #1 for smoothies in San Antonio, TX, on, which is voted on by consumers. On the menu at Rise are a variety of flavors of banana smoothies for just $3.95, including strawberry, blueberry, peach, mango, pineapple and pineapple mango. ANNA COMSTOCK Smoothies Don’t Forget Your Veggies! While fruit smoothies are the best-known variety, vegetables can also be a valuable smoothie ingredient. Jamba Juice, a well-known smoothie company, recently debuted a fruit and vegetable smoothie line that contains three flavors—Berry UpBEET, Apple ‘n Greens and Orange Carrot Karma. A blend of berries and vegetable juices, Berry UpBEET combines the flavors of strawberries and blueberries with the juices from carrots, beets, broccoli and lettuce. Apple ‘n Greens blends apple-strawberry juice with the juice from dark leafy green vegetables, carrots and lettuce, and adds spirulina, peaches, mangos and bananas. And Orange Carrot Karma is a simple blend of carrot juice, orange juice, mangos, bananas and ice.  Each 16 oz serving of Jamba Juice’s fruit-andvegetable smoothies contains less than 250 calories and provides three full servings of fruits and vegetables, which is a big selling point with today’s consumers. 56 · BAKING BUYER · APRIL 11

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bakingbuyer - April 2011
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‘Last Cake Standing’ Returns
Deli Added to 2012 Atlantic Bakery Expo
Barry Callebaut Strengthens Healthier Confectionery Alternatives
WP Bakery Group Joins Industrial Market
Wilton Survey Reveals How America Bakes
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bakingbuyer - April 2011