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BAKER’S DOZEN Baker’s DOZEN Meet Brad High, pastry chef and co-owner of Gateaux in Denver, CO, which has been treating customers to specialty cakes HIGH and pastries for the past 12 years. For more from Gateaux, see our new Discovering America’s Bakeries videos at 9. How do you get noticed? We enlisted the help of our web host to do a search engine optimization feature. They put up different words to generate more Internet users to our website, and get our name at the top. 10. Any other benefits? It also has created an out-of-state customer base that we never had before. We often have people call from out of state who have family or friends that live in Denver that would like a cake delivered to them personally. 11. How about email marketing? We probably have 1,200 people on an email list. For Easter, we sent out an email and gave them our featured menu items and a time frame for ordering. 12. Can people buy online? Part of our website advancement allows people to click on an icon to do a shipping option for cookies. That’s the only product so far that we’ve managed to develop packaging for shipping. It’s proven to be pretty successful for us. 13. Premium products can mean premium prices. Any resistance? Our prices probably are a little higher than the standard bakery in Denver. Part of that, we feel, is justified because of the decoration, the consistency of our product. I think our cakes are worth it. It’s rare we get a complaint about the price. 1. How did you get started at Gateaux? My business partner, Kathleen Davia, and I started the business in 1999. I think Denver was ready for a bakery that was a little different. 2. What’s changed in 12 years? Competition has been stiffer in the last few years, mainly because of cupcakes. Four or five cupcake shops in Denver have opened up. We do offer cupcakes. But we’re known for our specialty cakes and shortbread cookies. 3. How do you stay unique? I think, because of the competition, we’ve had to go out and put our style over the top. You see this case full of beautifully decorated cakes. A lot of it has to do with the popularity of rolled fondant. The Food Network has been great for our industry. People at home see these cakes that they want, so they come to a bakery such as ours. 4. What’s your merchandising style? We call our style fun and funky. 66 · BAKING BUYER · APRIL 11 That’s a trademark of Gateaux. Our intent, when people walk in, is for them to be wowed. We concentrate on bright colors. 5. How do you vary with the seasons? There’s usually a holiday every month. This month, we featured our Easter menu. Tying in with the cookies, we always bring in different shapes during the holidays. People expect to see something new. 6. What’s your philosophy on hiring? We do hire only culinary school graduates now. Johnson & Wales has a local campus here in Denver. We are part of an internship program with them. 7. Approach to customer service? All of our orders are like a personal consultation – either by phone or in person. 8. What’s new on technology front? In 2001, we started our first website – A couple of years ago, we revamped our website and it has totally changed how our business has evolved. It was expensive, but a great move.

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bakingbuyer - April 2011
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bakingbuyer - April 2011