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A Cut Above:

Working Side by Side
Gets to the Forefront
of Innovation
Precision cutting and trimming tools may be used for
the purpose of lean meat recovery and fat removal, but it
is through working closely together that true innovation
happen to i pro e a ety yiel e fi ien y an
After all, it's hard to devise a solution when you don't
no or n er tan o eone hallenge
From its World War II-era founding as a machine shop that
helped nearby meatpacking companies grow their business
to the launch of its latest Quantum Flex® trimmers, Bettcher
Industries has worked alongside processors to develop
tools and services that meet their needs and the needs of
their customers and end-users.
Devising solutions to production challenges has always
been a driver of new tools and systems for use in processing facilities. But for Bettcher, innovation is personal.
"Some of the best solutions have come from working on
the line, standing side by side with our processing partners
to see how cutting, trimming and skinning functions can be
improved using our product knowledge, application knowledge and operational best practices," says Kevin Stump,
Senior Product Marketing Manager for Bettcher. "That was
how we got our rst patent, and it s an approach that s
guided us to hold more than 100 active patents in several
countries. rom our experience, it s the most effective way
to create tools and equipment that will work-both on speci c tasks and in the long run.
It s not a one-on-one relationship, either. ettcher s Yield
Specialists and Product Development Team work in

tandem with its customer service and IT personnel to
provide greater depth and breadth of information and
support. Moreover, Bettcher collaborates with processors at many levels, including knife room and plant
maintenance personnel as well as production, processing and plant floor employees, plant safety teams and
senior plant managers, among others.
oday, ettcher s Yield pecialists and Product evelopment Teams are still regularly found in meat and
poultry plants, conducting side-by-side testing of old
versus new ways of cutting and helping calculate the
best financial investment for processors.
e re highly
responsive to processors who feel free to share their
problems and challenges. e re problem-solvers,
which means we look for ways to improve on the


Bettcher Industries, Inc. - May 2019

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