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technology and equipment to achieve even greater
meat yields, product quality and price upgrades,"
says Stump.
Indeed, the next innovation is in the works right now,
starting somewhere on a processor's line with a challenge or goal.

Cutting Out Challenges,
Opening Up Solutions
As any meat or poultry processor knows, getting the
most of products and operations has never been more
important. Margins are lean enough - so every part of the
product and every use of time matters.

When it comes to cutting, trimming, skinning and other
fabrication functions, there is no shortage of challenges in
meeting these business goals. At the same time, though,
there are solutions for maximizing resources and results.
What can Bettcher learn from a walk through a meat
processing facility? Plenty, it turns out. Here are some
examples of ways in which Bettcher's collaboration-driven
innovations have made a difference in turning challenges
into pro table solutions.

Challenge: Yield and value
Result: etter cutting ef ciency and performance leads
to increased meat yields and improved product quality.
Ultimately, it leads to a more sustainable process and more
product volume for suppliers all the way through to the


The Best - and Farbest -
Solutions for Trimming
One processor that is putting the
Quantum Flex® trimmer innovation to work is a Farbest turkey
processing plant in Vincennes,
Indiana. he ve-year-old, stateof the-art facility has used Bettcher tools from the
beginning, including Whizard Quantum® trimming
system and AirShirz® scissors.
"We are in the process of upgrading our Quantums to
the Quantum Flex® Technology," reports general manager Bill Morgan, adding that the workers who have
tested them so far are excited about the technology.
organ underscores the bene t of a close working
relationship with Bettcher's experts. "Incorporating

Bettcher into our daily processing was very smooth. Our
Bettcher Yield Specialist, Terry Blaine, was here to help
us train and incorporate Bettcher equipment for weeks
when we started the plant. He spent
many hours training our operators and
knife sharpeners," he says, adding that
the support from Bettcher is continual.
"Terry is only a phone call away and
will assist us in any way possible. Any time we have had
an issue, he makes sure that the issues are resolved as
quickly as possible."
Farbest regularly utilizes Bettcher's personalized training
to ensure smooth, safe and optimal operation. "It allows
us to make sure all of our employees are using the trimmers properly, ensuring that our employees are safe and
economically correct in their methods. It also ensures
that we are capturing the highest meat yields possible,"
explains Morgan.


Bettcher Industries, Inc. - May 2019

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