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Challenge: Worker safety and retention

Challenge: Greater profitability

Result: By using the latest hand-held cutting and trimming
tools, workers' hands and arms are not as fatigued at the
end of the day. Reduced stress and strain also lead to higher morale, which, in turn, results in less employee turnover
and greater productivity. That's especially important in
today's tight labor environment.

Result: Bettcher's trimming tools are designed to help
processors increase their ROI, thanks to the recovery of
more lean meat, reduction of yield loss, lifetime product
support and more. From a resource standpoint, the tools
consume less energy, with trimmer motors that are
faster, require less force to operate and are significantly
more energy efficient

Innovation Spotlight

Quantum Flex Trimmer System

Starting with its first carcass splitter developed nearly more
than 72 years ago, Bettcher has pioneered trimming equipment. The company's history of continually advancing cutting
tools and service based on listening to and supporting processors is exemplified in its most recent introduction: the new
Quantum Flex® trimmer system.
Based on customer input and from Bettcher's specialists'
observations in processing facilities, there was a need for a
universal handpiece. The Quantum Flex is that handpiece - a
trimmer designed for greater compatibility, speed, ergonomics and durability.

Watch the Quantum Flex® trimmer in action

Compatible with any Bettcher motor
offering, the Quantum Flex trimmer
system offers other updated features
and capabilities, including trimmer
sizes that are up to 30% faster and a
unique housing design that allows for
quicker blade access. The trimmers
are ergonomically designed, including
large-yet-lighter trimmer sizes plus a
range of handle sizes.
According to Kevin Stump, senior
product marketing manager, the new
trimmers are an industry-changing
development. "With manpower

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Bettcher Industries, Inc. - May 2019

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