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Cut to the Chase:
To learn more about how you can work with
Bettcher's team of experts to improve your
yield and bottom line based on your personal
needs and operation, visit

shortages being such a signi cant issue in the meat industry today, processors need more help than ever to capture
every extra ounce of yield while relying on fewer workers to
make it happen," he explains. "These faster blade speeds
translate into improved yields, which helps make the productivity of line operators better than ever."

The Competitive Edge
in Action
One can't just talk the talk in addressing solutions to challenges. Bettcher's Yield Specialists walk the walk - sometimes literally on the plant floor - to work with processors
to increase their meat yields and revenue while saving on
labor and improving worker safety comfort. 
Here's a brief walk through some real-life examples of
value delivered to processors:

Lean Beef Harvesting: A beef packing plant was giving away too much lean meat on its trim line.  ecause
of the inability to harvest large lean pieces at high line
speeds using conventional trimming equipment, more
than two thousand pounds of 50 50 trim was actually
being processed as a higher-quality 70 0 blend, but
garnering the cheaper product price.  hen newer
trimmer models were tested, faster performance
and improved accuracy delivered significantly better

Revenue gains:  $1, 20 per day per each 2000 combo
Productivity:  ero additional labor cost incurred
New equipment investment recouped within
approximately one week

Beef Jerky Processing: A maker of beef jerky products tested a new trimmer model compared against
a straight knife for pectoral muscle trimming. In
real-time test conditions operating side-by-side with
an experienced straight knife operator, the yield and
productivity improvements were dramatic:
uantities tested:  10 cases of pectorals each
Increased meat yield:  7% higher with new trimmer
Productivity:  5% faster with new trimmer system

Chicken Thigh Deboning: A chicken processor tested a
new trimmer model against the results it had obtained
when using straight knives and conventional trimmers on
its chicken thigh deboning line.  he improvements were
signi cant:
aseline (hand-deboning using a straight knife): 
9% yield
Conventional trimers:  71% yield (2.0 points higher
than using a straight knife)

Bettcher Industries, Inc. - May 2019

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