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Chocolate ingredients add value to on-trend bars,
baked goods and sweet treats. Their positive contribution
makes products stand out in the crowded marketplace


hat's best for me? That's the
attitude many shoppers have
when exploring snacking
options. Nutritional needs vary by life stage
and lifestyle, and of course, flavor and texture
preferences come into play. And in today's
socially conscious environment, "what's
best" often factors in shoppers' values and
their societal outlook. Today's consumers
have many varied preferences and seek out
products that speak to their priorities.
Formulators must never forget, however,
that taste reigns. Deliciousness is paramount.
Today's health and wellness consumers do
not want to make sacrifices.
Chocolate has a way of making most
snacks taste great. For many consumers,
there's also some nostalgia with chocolateflavored foods that invoke a sense of
familiarity and comfort.
"We are snacking more and snacking
better," says Rose Potts, corporate manager
of sensory and product guidance, Blommer
Chocolate Company. "Chocolate assists with
improving the taste profile of snacks, as the
right chocolate masks the bitter, sometimes
metallic off taste of functional ingredients,
such as vitamins, minerals, whole grains and
plant-based proteins. There are reducedsugar chocolate ingredients and proteinfortified options, too.
"The beauty of chocolate is that it
complements the consumer trends fueling
today's product innovations," she says. "For

starters, dark chocolate is a plant-based
food. In addition, most chocolate products
have very simple, clean compositions. Many
are made with five or less ingredients."
Blommer has a number of sustainable
sourcing programs in place and continues
to invest in these efforts. This speaks to the
green theme that is omnipresent in the food
innovation space.
"This is something that a growing number
of today's shoppers value," says Mrs. Potts.
"'Best for me' often includes being better for
the planet. This gets processed by the brain
and provides a feeling of contentment. It's
something to feel good about."
Excitement also gratifies, which contributes
to a sense of well-being. And chocolate, in its
many forms, has been providing pleasure since
the beginning of time. Multiple chocolate forms
can be used in one snack to create contrasting
textures that excite and satisfy the senses. *


Blommer - May 2019

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