Baking & Snack - August 2015 - 34

Specialty Bakery builds a one-of-a-kind
bakery that it believes rivals the
best in North America.
by Dan Malovany


Everything is brand new at Specialty Bakery LLC - the
company, the building, the bakery, the employees and
even the two, still-warm, fresh-baked chocolate chip
cookies that the FedEx delivery man took from a display
case after dropping off packages in the visitors' entrance.
Moments later, over in the new conference room, industry veterans Ahmad Hamade, CEO, and Jim Zakian,
executive vice-president, supply chain, reflected on what
they built in the Purdue Research Park just a hop, skip
and a jump from the Indianapolis International Airport
- and how quickly they did it.
"Just over a year ago, the bakery site was a grassy
field," Mr. Hamade pointed out.
Today, the 225,000-sq-ft ultra-modern bakery houses

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three high-speed production lines - each located in
separate rooms to control quality - that currently turn
out frozen cookie dough, frozen bread dough and fully
baked flatbread for the foodservice industry, including one of the largest quick-service restaurant chains in
North America.
And there's plenty of room to grow, according to Mr.
Hamade. The existing facility has a fourth enclosed
production room that can be rapidly ramped up into
operation after installing equipment as the business attracts more customers. Moreover, on the 27 acres of land
where the bakery rests, Specialty Bakery can expand the
plant by another 90,000 sq ft. That's enough space to install up to four more high-speed production lines.
In all, the company invested $78 million - or about
$24 million in building the plant and another $54 million in equipment, information technology and other
support to start up the bakery - according to a filing with the Indianapolis Metropolitan & Economic
Development Committee.
David D'Onofrio, senior vice-president of sales and
marketing, noted the investment reflects the company's

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