Baking & Snack - May 2016 - 90

Nothing protects your baked product and
its freshness like Repak packaging.
Repak form-fill-seal packaging machines produce high-quality modified-atmosphere packages that protect
your baked products, keep them fresh, and extend their shelf-life. The versatile Repak
can easily package your entire line of baked products efficiently and cost-effectively. It
produces safe, hermetic packages with reliable seals that extend freshness. And for those
bakers producing gluten-free, dairy-free or nut-free products, Repak packaging can
protect your product against contamination from other products on the supermarket
shelf. The stainless steel Repak features a hygienic design with easy access to its
interior for thorough cleaning and sanitation. Plus, the Repak is
backed by Reiser and our leading customer support and service
team. Test the Repak for yourself. Contact us today to set up a
demonstration in your plant or at our Reiser Customer Center.
Canton, MA * (781) 821-1290
Reiser Canada
Burlington, ON * (905) 631-6611


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