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In a new style of training workshop
for BEMA member companies...

Become the Students
By participating in
BEMA's Learn to Train
workshop onsite,
companies have the
benefit of training with
their own materials
and equipment.


For many companies, it's a rare occasion that everyone
on staff is in the same place at the same time. This is especially true for specific departments, such as maintenance or sales, whose personnel is often on the road or
even stationed remotely in different areas of the country.
When this is the case, training can become somewhat
of a challenge.
To address this, BEMA developed a series of training workshops in its BEMA-U program, some of which
include on-site workshops. In June, Formost Fuji became the first of BEMA's member companies to take
advantage of this new model. Emily Bowers, director
of education and professional development, facilitated
an interactive Learn to Train course for Formost Fuji's
team of service technicians during its annual service
meeting in Bothell, WA.

success, trainers must provide value to the customer. All
these factors must be considered when teaching employees to train others - and these are the main objectives
of the Learn to Train course.
While there are always financial considerations related to employee learning and development, there are
also myriad benefits that provide ROI, such as higher
customer satisfaction, more innovation and lower costs,
just to name a few.
By taking advantage of BEMA's proven techniques
for training customers on Formost Fuji equipment, the
team gained a meaningful learning experience while increasing the potential benefits for its customers.
At one time or another, everyone plays the role of customer. Companies that support a skilled, knowledgeable
and adaptable workforce are the ones that keep customers coming back for more.

Why 'Learn to Train'?
Companies believe they hire only the best employees,
but what about their training skills? When sales staff or
engineers are teaching customers how to use their products, they must understand how adults learn and adapt
their delivery and communication style based on the audience. Do they have the skills to make training interactive and engaging? Do they have an actual step-by-step
training process to put into action? In order to ensure

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The training experience
On Day One of the workshop, BEMA uses Insights
Discovery, a branded program that provides each participant a unique personality profile highlighting strengths,
weaknesses, communication style and approach to
problem solving. Personality traits and preferences are
represented by colors in an easy-to-remember and easyto-apply model. Everyone has a different combination

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