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the secret is starting with
Baking in deliciousness
without breaking the bank:
bakers about using dairy alternative and
plant-based ingredients, taste always
reigns with consumers and most of these
ingredients simply do not deliver what
consumers expect in their breads, cakes,
cookies, crackers and more. That's why
real dairy continues to be a critical part
of formulations. Real dairy is also part of
the " back-to-basics " trend that appeal to
consumers who seek out more naturally
nutritious products.
Younger generations associate descriptors
such as " organic " and " natural " with
" healthy " food, according to the 2023 Food
and Health Survey from the International
Food Information Council (IFIC), Washington,
D.C. They appreciate callouts on product
packages, such as " made with real butter "
and " contains natural cheese. " Part of this is
because they know where real dairy comes
from and appreciate its strict chain of supply.
Butter BudsĀ®
Inc., Racine, Wis., located
in America's Heartland, produces flavor
solutions made from real butter and cheese.
The company uses a proprietary enzymemodification
process to unlock the hidden,
potent flavors in butter and cheese, with
the end result being natural powdered
concentrates. These ingredients contribute
color, flavor, richness and texture that
typical flavors cannot provide to baked
goods. They work synergistically with other
ingredients, such as butter, cheese and
other fats, to boost the overall flavor impact
and deliver deliciousness while keeping
products affordable.
" Our ingredient solutions can deliver
better-tasting foods with improved
nutritional profiles while keeping ingredient
costs down, " said Michael Ivey, National
Sales Director at Butter Buds. " These
concentrates capture rich flavor and deliver
a full-bodied mouthfeel with better texture,
while masking off-flavors and rounding out
any harsh notes. Plus, our solutions help
manufacturers meet the demand for clean
labels, with real dairy, dairy alternatives and
organic options.
" Having our hard-working ingredients in
the matrix often means manufacturers can
reduce usage levels of whole butter and
cheese, " said Ivey. " This is very helpful
during inflationary times and when supply
chains are strained. "
Inside: Explore the many ways to use
Butter Buds concentrates.

Real Dairy - Butter Buds October 2023

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