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The Cain Food Organic range of
ingredients includes both off-the-shelf
and customized products. They perform
oxidizing, softening, strengthening,
relaxing and mold inhibition functions
comparable to the company's regular
product line. The Organic line also
includes an organic vitamin D blend
fortification system.

Another consumer-led trend is simpler
ingredient labels that list fewer "chemical
sounding" names. The solution, noted by
Hinds, is often a combination of enzymes.
"They are simple, well accepted by
manufacturers and consumers alike and
very functional," he said.
"Enzymes are a big part of clean-label
formulation," Cain added. "There have
been substantial advances in the past
15 years that help eliminate 'problem'
ingredients, such as DATEM, SSL and
other emulsifiers, yet keep baked foods
consistent, tolerant and soft for extended
periods on the shelf."
Cain's N'hance line compliments current
blended enzyme systems and meets
dough strength and tolerance needs. Cost
savings also follow use of these ingredients.
For example, N'hance Ultra and N'hance
EOX can eliminate gluten use up to 4%.

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"An important benefit is that this line
can help the baker avoid unwanted side
effects that can happen when increasing
a blend containing multiple enzymes and
ascorbic acid," Hinds said.
New enzyme technology is now able
to improve mouthfeel characteristics
and palatability. "This is especially true
with the increase in variety products
made with alternative grains, proteins
and fibers," Hinds noted. AlphaSoft
SR, a new generation, enzyme-based
softener, provides yeast-raised bread,
buns, bagels and similar goods with
a soft and resilient crumb for up to 21
days. It modifies the starch molecules
within the dough and bread crumb to
greatly reduce retrogradation, which is a
principal cause of staling. It also reduces
gumminess and allows the crumb to
bind water longer, providing a soft and
moist bite.
Additionally, new clean-label technology
from Cain Food helps improve cakes.
AlphaSoft SG5 blends enzymes to
modify the starches of high-sugar, shortprocessing time batters, yielding softer
cakes with moister crumb, creamier
mouthfeel and better springiness.
"And because the free-from-artificialpreservatives movement is here to stay,
Cain Food now offers natural mold

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Cain Food - Special Formulas - November 2020

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