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inhibitors for bread, rolls, flatbreads, pizza
and tortillas," Hinds said.

With a U.S. market size in 2020 of nearly
$17 billion, according to the Tortilla Industry
Association, wheat flour and corn tortillas
have exceeded white sandwich bread in
sales for a decade now. Driven in part by
the rapid increase in America's Hispanic
population, tortillas are popular among all
ethnic groups. This flatbread now comes in
organic, gluten-free and vegan styles.
Cain Food ingredients address a number
of flour and corn tortilla formulating issues.
For flour tortillas, Trem provides mix
reduction and processing efficiency, and
AlphaFresh - a functional ingredient
made of fermented wheat - replaces
calcium propionate, an artificial
preservative, noted Hinds.
The enzyme system in AlphaSoft TFR
works synergistically with hydrocolloids
and gums as well as mono- and
diglycerides. Depending on the
formulation, it is possible to observe
a slight mix reduction, and it allows
reduction of ingredients in the formula
where a clean label is required.
Corn Tortilla Plus is a blend of hydrocolloids
and enzymes that improves the flexibility
and moisture of corn tortillas for the

duration of their shelf life.
Ingredient solutions that enable inclusion
of proteins, fibers, particulates and flavors
in flour and corn tortillas are also available.
Cain Food has developed clean-label
ingredients for tortillas that help simplify
their ingredient lists.

"Cain Food is in a unique position to be
able to help with custom solutions," Cain
said, "because we are very open to work
with our customers to help supply them
with a solution that is tailor-fitted to their
specific needs.
"The company's knowledgeable sales team
are bakers themselves, and with the help
of our Innovation Center, we are able to
formulate custom solutions," he added. "We
aren't tied solely to off-the-shelf products."
Also, the company can customize its
ingredients as tablets and batch packs to
eliminate scaling errors.
What's new at Cain Food? Hinds
reported: "TRU CL Plus, one of our new
enzyme systems, improves oxidation and
emulsification and thus improves dough
tolerance. We've improved organic shelf
life extension technology with Organic
AlphaSoft 500. And we have taken a deep
dive into sourdoughs and fermentation

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Cain Food - Special Formulas - November 2020

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