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here's never a better time to expand your bakery's profile than
during the all-important winter holiday season, when some
bakeries achieve more than half of their annual sales. And especially
now, your strategies need to involve a full-force initiative aimed at
connecting to more customers online.
Keely Siciliano, director of brand and digital marketing for Dawn
Foods, stresses the importance of creating an eye-catching Instagram
profile and optimizing your bio. Bakers can optimize their
Instagram bios by adding a short and sweet description of their
business with a tone that reflects their brand's personality. Bakers
should also update their contact options on their profile, including
a business email address, phone number, and location, so it's easier
for users to get in touch with them, she says.
Instagram does not allow users to include multiple links in bios;
however, with helpful free tools like LinkTree, a single link can be
created for a bio that takes users to a launchpad, which can include
links to a bakery's contact page, an about us section, current product
sales, ways to make online purchases, and more.
" When it comes to creating an eye-catching Instagram profile,
bakers must ask themselves what their theme is - both contextually
and visually, " Siciliano explains. " A bakery's theme in most cases
begins and ends with food, so post high-quality pictures of products
that share a similar style and tell a story. "
For example, if a baker wanted to post about their latest limited-time-offer
(LTO) special, there are many different types of photos
that can be utilized, such as a bird's eye view of the product, closeup
to capture texture, or a customer enjoying that treat. Ultimately,
any images posted to a bakery's profile should be reflective of its
brand and consistent.
With the pumpkin spice season in full force, your first focus should
be to decide exactly what your offerings will be this holiday season.
Start with BakeSense Pumpkin and BakeSense Pumpkin Pie
Spice. Pairing these with BakeMark's line of bakery mixes, your
creativity can run wild to fill your bakery case this year.
With all the options available from BakeMark, the pumpkin spice
world is right at your fingertips. Create cakes, pies, or other ideas
outside the box and create something all your own. Don't shortchange
the quality of your products this fall. Remember, BakeMark
offers quality and versatility all in one, so get out there and create
your own pumpkin spice paradise.
Other holiday bakery treats include international favorites. At
Vegas Bakery, a popular panaderĂ­a in Las Vegas that opened nine
years ago, bakery lovers come from all around to purchase the
amazing authentic desserts, such as mil hojas cake. This elaborate
cake is distinguished by its flaky layers inside, which are created
with care by the bakers here, who work diligently to provide
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