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CHOOSING THE RIGHT TUBESTOCK, SHRINK BAGS Coveris vacuum-shrink tubestock and shrink-bag packaging soluti ons add value to meat and poultry products by opti mizing protecti on and freshness while maximizing shelf-appeal Packaging is one of the most important product components packers and processors must carefully choose to protect products throughout distribution while also trying to attract shoppers to choose their products over the competition's. Given these considerations, which packaging format should meat and poultry packers choose - tubestock that allows them to produce a variety of bags themselves in-plant on demand...or using pre-made bags? More forward-thinking meat and poultry processors committed to gaining maximum control over productivity and inventory costs are choosing tubestock from Chicago-based Coveris for creating customized packaging solutions. Coveris, which delivers high-performance products for fresh and frozen food products in both fl exible and rigid-packaging formats, offers several tubestock solutions. Thanks to its Clearshield® and Marafl ex® vacuum-shrink tubestock plus Tuff-Tite™ bags, more protein processors are either using or taking a closer look at creating their own custom-inked, right-sized bags from tubestock on demand in any quantity to make only the bags they need only when needed.

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COVERIS High Performance Packaging, January 2015