Dairy Processing - December 2020 - 2


Kristen Putch
Managing Editor

" May you live in interesting times. " According to Wikipedia,
that's the English translation of an ancient Chinese curse.
The message is that life is better in " uninteresting times "
of peace and tranquility, rather than in " interesting times, "
which are usually ones of trouble and uncertainty.
These are interesting times for the dairy industry, in the
best way. As of June 2020, retail dairy sales were up 17%
and overall dairy exports were over $6 billion, up 8% for
the year. The benefits of dairy products - taste, nutrition/
health, comfort and familiarity - have all increased in the
eyes of consumers. Even with changing dietary habits, can
we imagine a diet void of milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, frozen
desserts ... or pizza?
The dairy industry certainly has its challenges, with
one of the biggest being the emergence of plant-based and
alternative dairy products. Companies that process these
products are serious about gaining consumer market share.
But this is an industry that has always shown resilience.
Dairy processors must innovate to meet the challenge and
history shows that they will.
With all of this in mind there has never been a more
pressing need for content that will help dairy companies
bring their products to market safely, efficiently and
profitably. As a result, Sosland Publishing is pleased to
introduce Dairy Processing.
For nearly 100 years, Sosland has
delivered premium content to
decision makers at food processing
companies. Now we will take that
experience and strive to make Dairy
Processing a must read in print and
online. Managing editor Kristen Putch
and contributing editors Donna Berry,
Pamela Accetta Smith and Lynn
Petrak bring a fresh perspective and
years of experience in dairy. The premiere issue will launch
April 2021, and let's hope by that time life will be a little
less interesting.

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Donna Berry
Pamela Accetta Smith
Lynn Petrak
Contributing Editors

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Dairy Processing - December 2020

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