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hat came first, the Buffalo wing or
the blue cheese sauce, the tortilla
chip or the queso, the chip or
the dip? It's not important; what
matters is that the condiment adds a delicious
layer of flavor to the carrier, turning the
ordinary into memorable and satisfying fare.
Today's consumers have adventurous palates.
They desire authentic flavors and welcome
innovative twists. Dairy ingredients - including
butter, cheese, milk, sour cream and yogurt
- provide a rich, creamy canvas for product
developers to design dressings, dips and
sauces in everyday flavors such as ranch and
nacho to culinary-inspired creations such as
caramelized onion aged cheddar and roasted
garlic buttermilk.

status of
natural dairy
Learn how Edlong leveraged
the efficiency and accuracy of
consumer preference-predictive
artificial intelligence technology
to develop its new line of
authentic Dairy-Based Natural

Such condiments provide inspiration and a
quick, easy way to elevate a home-cooked meal
in the kitchen, where consumers are spending
more time during the COVID-19 pandemic.
They crave restaurant foods, everything from
breakfast sandwiches and globally inspired
lunch bowls to chef-made three-course
dinners. Of course, most consumers lack
the culinary training needed to make
these foods from scratch. Further,
many authentic international dishes
rely on ingredients indigenous to the
country of origin. These items are not
always available in the local market.
Fortunately, however, condiment
manufacturers have better access to
sourcing these ingredients and can
use traditional recipes and processes
to satisfy ardent palates.
The global sauces and dips market is
projected to soar at a compound annual


Edlong - Dressings, Dips and Sauces

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